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MAS COUTELOU WINES - Jean Francois Coutelou

25-01-2020 12:16 - Review

Ten hectares, all cultivated in the most natural way possible in Puimisson, this is the microcosm of Jean François Coutelou. Since 1987 organic...very far from fashion considerations or trends! In fact we are talking about real peasant agriculture confirming that Jeff has his terroir in his bowels. Old vines planted years and years ago, impressive works on the ground, creations of hedges and trees to reshape the landscape of this very mono-cultivated area, planting of flowered bands to protect insects and develop microbial life...here the team does not miss nothing to chance, simply for the love and passino for his own land. Therefore, very characteristic wines come out of the cellar and reflect the vintage in all its characteristics. So don't miss the opportunity to drink a real and authentic glass of Languedoc!!!


Formidable 5SO '18 - magnificent Cinsault, intense, fresh and super multifruits! Superb and superbly drinkable wine, for a bottle of pure happiness!!! 18,90€
Couleurs Réunies '18 - new cuvèe! Megablend of a lot of grape varieties of all colors to develop an addictive wine! A rainbow of sensations for a small collector's jewel...! 20,50€
Classe '18 - a small diamond assembled by Carignan, Grenache and Syrah. Jeff is a true magician in the knowledge of the vines of the south and manages to find the balance between power and freshness in this bottle full of elegance, balance, power and finesse. Impossible don't love it!!! 20,50€
Amphore Syrah '17 - a beautiful Syrah vinified and aged in amphora...just 700 bottles produced for a complex and structured wine. A rarity, this being the first time that Jeff has decided to vinify this grape variety in its precious amphora. 35,90€
La Vigne Haute '18 - perhaps the most exciting cuvèe of JF Coutelou! Syrah really does its best on this label. Freshness, tension, depth and whoever has more! 29,90€
Blanc '17 - JFC whites are a rarity, but always exciting. This, made with Macabeu, Grenache Gris and Muscat and aged in exhausted wooden barrels, has a lot of personality. It has a very slight oxidative note which, combined with the freshness of the fruit and the structure of Grenache and Macabeu, make it quite compelling. A superb southern white!!! 24,90€

Wine Symphony natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

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