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21-08-2020 11:16 - Review

Friendship and passion made real this splendid and unique project! Nicola, connoisseur and lover of Georgian artisanal wines, Michele, grandson of the owner of the precious and old vineyards located in the municipality of San Nicola dell'Alto (Calabria). Here is the team who gives life to a real "marani" (Georgian-style cellar) in the small Calabro town.
Winemaking in pure Georgian style, with also exceptional carbonic macerations, biodynamics in the vineyard and cellar for wines of splendid fruity and floral notes, but above all also with an irrepressible drinkability!

Menate Zeus 19 '- Gaglioppo; short maceration of mostly de-stemmed grapes, but also part of whole bunches for 4-5 days; spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel and Georgian kvevri (underground amphorae); aging in steel and fiberglass. Lots of red fruits thanks to carbonic maceration, but also lots of sea for a juicy and sapidly intriguing drink! € 17.90
Greko '19 - Greco, Trebbiano and other native white grape varieties; destemming, spontaneous fermentation and aging in Georgian kvevri for 9 lunar cycles on its skins; the aging continues in amphora; exceptional interpretation in orange shades! Gold in the chalice, it releases exotic sensations in the Indian bazaar style. € 24.90
Ji Jian '19 - Gaglioppo; draining of the must partly from de-stemmed grapes and partly from whole bunches with subsequent soft pressing to fill the amphorae where then also the aging follows; from vineyards over fifty years old, here is the rosé wine that perfectly embodies the style of the company focused on the exaltation of the fruity and floral sensations of the Calabrian autochthonous vine par excellence. Mineral, citrusy, savory and with an exciting drink! Very rich wine!!! € 24.90
Tathagata '19 - Gaglioppo; aimed at interpreting the color / tannin challenge of the Gaglioppo grape! Destemming entirely by hand, grape by grape, spontaneous fermentation with whole grain in steel and Georgian kvevri for 14 days, followed by soft pressing; aging in Orozco tinajas. From the vineyards directly overlooking the sea, here is a unique Gaglioppo in purity! Crunchy and dynamic, a triumph of salt, with almost silky tannins when considering the typical reactivity of the grape. € 24.90

Wine Symphony natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

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