28 Settembre 2021
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SETE Project

15-06-2019 10:06 - Review
SETE Project

The fantastic adventure of three friends who from the recovery of ancient vineyards create modern and revolutionary wines!

The line-up:
Tropicale 2018 - 15,90€; bewitching exoticism
Freaky 2018 - 19,90€; multy red fruits!!!
Flora 2018 - 19,90€; 100% Moscato di Terracina great fruit and aroma on the nose, yellow peach and apricot, supported by a well present acidic shoulder and a volatile that pushes to drink. Glou glou but not only...!!!
'Nfrascato 2018 -19,90€; the aromaticity of Moscato and the minerality of Ottonese for a straightforward, long, genuine and addictive drink!!
Sabbia 2018 - 21,90€; sapid, marine, mineral
Bianco Frizzante 2018 - 23,90€; here is the first Pet Nat of Sete! Only 500 bottles for a thin bubble, balanced acidity and great drinkability!! Citric, clean and refreshing like a sparkling lemonade in the August sun!

Wine Symphony - Natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

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