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Lovely from Gradoli...La Villana Joy Kull!!!

06-07-2019 11:02 - Review
Here is La Villana Joy Kull!!!

The project was born in 2016, three years after Joy Kull leaves her job in New York and comes to Italy to learn about vineyard agriculture. Settled on the hills of Gradoli, on Lake Bolsena, where the land, rich in volcanic minerals and Etruscan history, calls it to stay. Her first experience in the field led her to work at Le Coste di Gradoli and then set up on her own after a few years.
Now the company has 10ha, of which about 3ha will be planted with native vines in the coming years. In addition, it has about two hectares of old vines recovered from abandonment and scattered in the Gradoli countryside. The vines are cultivated using biodynamic methods, respecting the rhythms of nature. In the cellar, you work the grapes...and that's it, with no additives of any kind. The wines reflect the earth, the terroir, and the winemaker. This is the new thing that is coming and that we like so much!!!
Bianco 2018 - 13,90€; megablend super glou glou!
Mo 2018 - 14,90€; Dry Moscato with splendid fruity notes;
Rosato 2018 - 14,90€; Aleatico and Sangiovese for a grapefruit juice;
Bianco Uovo 2018 - 15,90€; Orange wine from a blend of Procanico grapes from ancient and young vineyards, aged separately in the mythical cement-shaped egg;
Mix 2018 - 13,90€; megablend super glou glou where Montepulciano stands out the most, but the acidity of white grapes keeps the wine light and fresh;
Red 2018 - 13,90€; Sangiovese and Montepulciano for a perfect combination!!!

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