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19-01-2020 10:43 - Review

The project was created in 2015 on the initiative of Christophe Albero, who has since disappeared. Some time after this tragic event, Jessica, his wife, decided to continue the adventure. The idea is simple: like small independent music labels, which defend and distribute artists "like no other", the Zulu team distributes, defends and creates in collaboration with local wine growers (Tom Lubbe in Matassa, Gilles Troullier, Sébastien Agelet in De Mena...) just cuvées that represent real portraits of the territories of origin; all in superb very original labels, which fascinate even more this exceptional initiative; make Zulu home bottles unique and recognizable at first sight! Lovers of fine wines and collectible bottles, these are perfect for you!


Batto '15 Grenache - the "gypsies" of Zulu Wine land near the Pyrenees where they collaborate with Gilles Troullier, historic winemaker in Latour de France, bastion of natural wines in Roussillon, where he has cultivated a plot of only 4 hectares since 2002. Production is exclusively made of small cuvées that perfectly combine density, gluttony and freshness. Wines slightly masculine, with a strong personality and an impressive aromatic purity as this Grenache!!! 29,90€
Morilly '17 Cabernet Franc - for the first time, Zulu Wine ventures into the Loire and brings us a wonderful Cabernet Franc from the vineyards of Pascal Lambert in Chinon, and vinified by Antoine, his son...spectacular! Splendid fine bouquet of ripe red fruit, with a lively palate, full of juice, crisp and light; 31,90€
Samourai '17 Pinot Noir - the wanders of Zulu Wine at work and creators of this splendid micro-cuvée of Monthélie, a small village in Burgundy, produced in association with Fanny Saber, young winemaker heiress of an estate of just 4.5 hectares, by Aloxe in Beaune. A spectacularly elegant and graceful Pinot Noir, perfect to be drunk exclusively on special occasions; 66,90€
Malagousia '17 - first adventure across the border for the legendary Zulu Wine team! Thus was born the collaboration with Jason Ligas, a young winemaker who after making his bones in that of Montpellier by Jacques Selosse (WOW!) returns to his homeland (Northern Greece, on the border with Macedonia) where he decides to focus everything on the vineyard. "More then organic" cites some back labels and this is the philosophy followed by Jason, or permaculture, which has the ambition to create sustainable and long-lasting production systems in the name of the principles exalted by the great philosopher-farmer Masanobu Fukuoka. This speech transferred to the Jason vineyards means: leaving plants the freedom to do what they want, tall grass, competition between vines and other aromatic plants. A miniature, unspoiled, wild and pure forest. Permaculture and its gentle and delicate making translates into the glass in deep and sincere freshness, available in every glass!
Thus was born this collector's jewel, elegant and gourmet...a unforgettable wine; 28,90€
Hadouken '18 Mauzac - the small Zulu gang moves to the heart of the small village of Roquetaillade, 80 inhabitants, in the Langeudoc where together with Gilles Azam (Les Hautes Terres) it creates a super bright and full of energy white!
Thanks to this exceptional terroir, placed at an average altitude of 450 meters and the non-interventionist practices now embraced by Gilles for almost twenty years, a wine is born with a magnificent balance between matter and vitality; 24,90€
Muscat up '18 - 100% dry Muscat in collaboration with the Danjou brothers (Danjou Banessy)...a real little bomb!
Here we are in Espira-de-L'Agly, a small village in the area of the Eastern Pyrenees where the two brothers take over their grandfather's old vineyards and wisely reconvert them producing splendid natural wines, but safeguarding each historic row and making wine only in small cuvées. Reflections of different terroirs and textures, often from old vines, create wines of character and originality. Company now essential of the Catalan wine landscape; 18,90€

Wine Symphony - natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

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