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24-01-2021 11:20 - Review

Terrevive translated and brought back into reality according to the creed of Gianluca Bergianti and his wife Simona, is to create a self-sustainable farm. Steps by steps, starting from 2009 with the identification of the most suitable land on the Modenese hills and the subsequent first plants, here the dream becomes reality. Biodynamic for a zero environmental impact, for an essential preservation and regeneration of the land. In 2016 the young vines begin to make a difference with their richness and complexity in the berries, the result of a work of research of expressiveness and balance in the vineyard and thus the first bottlings of Pet Nat wines are born. Grape juice based on territoriality and as written on the back label of each bottle, "PURE LIVING WINE"

No Autoclave - majority of Lambrusco Salamino, but also all the other grapes present in the vineyards including the white ones; the symbol of protest of the legendary Gianluca! The wine tradition of Emilian refermented products must be respected and therefore...NO AUTOCLAVE!!! 13,90€
Percarlo - original reinterpretation of the classic Lambrusco Salamino in red. Grapes harvested in advance and pressed directly to then referment in the bottle by the same must. A wine born from the memory of one of Gianluca's first drinks with his grandfather Gianfranco. While the elders played trump, they poured a bottle of Salamino rosso by adding ice and lemon with an incredible drinkability result. So here is the version according to Gianluca that recovers all the refreshing, fresh and citrus sensations on the palate. Only for Pet Nat lovers! 14,90€
Steve - the Pignoletto according to Gianluca; acidity, minerality and infinite drinkability, but also notes of herbs and flowers, mixed with dried fruit that leave a long finish eager to fill the glass again. Perfect! 15,90€
San Vincent - the wine that best represents Gianluca, with the idea of feeling the taste of the grape and the great freshness of the Lambrusco Sorbara in the glass. Expertly crafted wine, tasting the grapes and waiting for the best time to harvest and bottle it. 15,90€

Wine Symphony wine shop of natural wines from small vigneron with a big heart.

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