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GARO' VIN Cedric Garreau

20-02-2021 18:34 - Review
Cedric Garreau

Young winemakers are growing! Cédric Garreau can be classified as a micro-vigneron, with just under 3 hectares of vineyard around Beaulieu-sur-Layon, where he produces small quantities in a tiny stone building opposite his house on the edge of the vineyards. All his vineyards are certified organic and the winemaking is careful, but with a laissez-faire attitude. Using old-fashioned equipment and a traditional approach, Cedric is producing some of the best Anjou wines, produced without additives at any stage and especially without SO2. Few bottles for many emotions!!!

Somnambulles Blanc 2019 - few, very few pet nat bombs produced by Cedric Garreau from his young Chenin Blanc vineyards; perfect combination of short aging and young vines to obtain naturally vigorous and fruity wines. Fine bubbles, exceptional flavor and delicate citrus notes. € 26.90
Lulu Berlue 2019 - Grolleau, Cabernet Sauvignon; Bordeaux meets Beaujolais in the Loire. Strange, right ?! It's so difficult to red-hot your head around the description, it's so easy to drink! € 21.90
Lunatic 2018 - Chenin Blanc, two thirds from the old vines dated 1982, one third from the younger ones dated 2012; the grapes from the old vines were de-stemmed and macerated on the skins for about a week, while the others from the younger ones were pressed directly; the wines aged separately for about 10 months in 225 liter barrels of 1, 2 and 3 years; assembly to bottling; spectacular wine, rich in aromas and spices, with notes of tropical fruits, flavor and depth. Intense and satisfying drink! € 26.90
Métisse #1 2018 - two thirds Cabernet Franc, one third Cabernet Sauvignon; the two grape varieties used for this cuvée are harvested separately but fermented together; the Cab Franc is collected first, de-stemmed and allowed to start fermenting; the Cab Sauvignon usually matures about 10 days later, after the harvest it's de-stemmed and added to the Cab Franc to macerate together for a total of three weeks; aged about 10 months in old French oak barriques; shows based on herbs and fresh earth that recall the scents of the Loire Valley; € 23.90

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