Lammidia wines - phase 2

24-05-2020 15:05 -

phase 2

Let's welcome back to the most refreshing cuvées of the Lammidia house and there could be no better time to embrace them again!!! Everything already seen...that's wrong! Because every year they are revisited and created based on the vintage and the desire to experiment of Davide and Marco, with new blends, classic macerations or in semi-carbonic, carbonic and more or less long!


Rosh 2019 - € 13.90; blend in majority of Montepulciano with a pinch of Trebbiano; semi-carbon, obtained by pressing the whole grapes poured into the cement tank with your feet; territorial reinterpretation with juiciness and impressive freshness! 11.5% vol;
Panda 2019 - € 21.90; this vintage evolves into a blend composed mostly of the delicate Moscato Rosa with a pin of free range Montepulciano; 11.5% vol
Crick 2018 - € 17.90; 100% Montepulciano 100% Pet Nat rosè super glou glou! 10.5% vol
Frekt 2019 - € 21.90 one of the Lammidia jewels, 100% Pecorino half directly pressed and half pecorino macerated in cement for a week, then assembled and aged in fiberglass. 11% vol
Bianchetto 2019 - € 13.90; Trebbiano macerated for one night...drinkability champion! It's light with only 10% vol and easy. A grape juice that recalls the summer and its fruits.
Rosso Carbo 2019 - 21,90€; a Montepulciano stripped of all his power, extraction and intensity in favor of a graceful, floral, joyful wine having managed to bring out new perfumes, colors and sensations; freshness, lightness and super drinkability!
Cocò 2019 - 17,90€; the last arrived at Lammidia!!! 100% Cococciola, an ancient native Umbrian grape, for a wine with super acidity and a thousand citrus sensations!

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