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SETE project - the new cuvée of 2019

11-10-2020 12:18 - Review
SETE Project
the new cuvée of 2019

Only seven years have passed since the start of the project, with ideas that were immediately well traced and which now even more than ever have become reality and a point of reference for appreciating the splendid territoriality that the Amaseno river valley, with all its old vineyards polished by the friends of SETE to give us fantastic wines!

Alimento - Ottonese from 40-year-old vines; 5 days of relax on the skins; a complete, persistent, thirst-quenching and elegant wine, mineral and savory with an acidity that balances well with all the other elements. € 22.90
Safara - Trebbiano, Ottonese and Malvasia Puntinata from Lazio on relax on the skins for two days; acidity, freshness and drinkability but with a nice length and persistence. When the destination is the journey...SAFARA - which in Swahili means traveling, discovering, exploring - is a tribute of the SETE project guys to their research path. An endless journey, focused on the discovery of the territory, on the exploration of winemaking processes, on the evolution of taste and on change. Are you ready to go?! € 22.90
Baffo Bianco - Ottonese from 40-year-old vines; 3 days of relax on the skins; savory and fresh, yellow fruits and balanced acidity. Terroir o muerte! € 22.90
Moli 2018 - Moscato Bianco from 40-year-old vines; a week of relax on the skins and then 11 months of aging in old chestnut barriques; persistent, savory and marine wine. Length and freshness to the taste, with aromas of bergamot and jasmine. Aging in chestnut barrels gives a slight softness without overwhelming hints of wood. Epic wine! € 23.90
Buccia - Ottonese, Malvasia Puntinata from Lazio and Trebbiano from 70-year-old vineyards! Three weeks of relax on the skins; the tribute to the orange wines of the SETE guys. Strength and freshness and drinkability despite its structure that will allow it to age in the best way. A total wine that enters your skin, captures your mind, body and soul! € 26.90
Maya - Moscato Bianco from 40-year-old vines; 5 days of relax on the skins; persistent, crunchy, savory and marine. White flowers and spices with a slight smoky and resinous note on the nose. Maya 2019 has a lower volatile acidity than the previous vintage. Juicy and aromatic, with a slightly bitter finish. A cosmic wine! :) € 22.90

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