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07-11-2020 11:02 - Review

"The majority of wine drinkers aren't aware of all the additives used to give wine the right taste, color and mouthfeel. Natural wines can look & taste unusual & crazy but it makes the wine a lot more authentic and individual. Our mission is to produce and bring natural wine from the vineyards of Franconia to the glasses of people appreciating pure wine". This is 2Naturkinder!
It's 2012 when Melanie Drese and Michael Völker revive their historic family winery in Northern Bavaria on the River Meno. Seven hectares organically cultivated, the juice becomes wine without additives and is bottled without clarification, filtering and addition of sulphites. Today, between the old and new rows, biodiversity shines with new vigor and the grapes grow healthy and prosperous, offering us super natural and territorial wines just as we like!!!

Fledermaus Weiss '19 - Muller-Thurgau, Silvaner, Riesling direct pressing; Super mix of white pulp fruits, with hints of exotic fruits as well. Vibrant and super drinkable! € 24.90
Fledermaus Rot '19 - Pinot Meunier with semi-carbonic maceration; the bat in red, spicy, fresh and super mineral! € 29.90
Bacchus Pet Nat '19 - hand-disgorged pet nat super fruity mix! € 24.90
Silvaner Pet Nat '19 - frightening freshness and minerality! Pet Nat rigorously hand-disgorged; € 22.90
Kleine Heimat '18 - Silvaner macerated for a week; perfect dance between acidity and creaminess with a splendidly citrusy palate; € 28.90
Weinschwarmer '18 - Pinot Grigio with 5 days of maceration, Riesling direct pressing; first vintage of a splendid orange wine! € 34.90
Black Betty '19 - Mainly Domina, then a little Pinot Meunier and a drop of Pinot Noir; Freshness and minerality seasoned with small red fruits. € 26.90
Drei Freunde '18 - half Bacchus and the other Muller Thurgau and Silvaner all on relax on the skins for about a week; white pulp fruits, flowers and herbs with the sip always accompanied by a splendid freshness. € 24.90

Wine Symphony wine shop of natural wines from small vigneron with a big heart!!!

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