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Barranco Oscuro wines by Manuel Valenzuela

25-03-2020 16:31 - Review
Barranco Oscuro
by Manuel Valenzuela

Manuel Valenzuela, one of the pioneers in Spain of the production of natural wines!
12 hectares of vines immersed in the mountains of La Controviesa, in the Sierra Nevada, at an impressive altitude: they are located at 1368 meters above sea level!! The cultivation is therefore miraculous and follows the principles of organic and sustainable agriculture, in full respect of nature.
Thanks to a Mediterranean mountain climate, the low rains and the poor soils of shale and clays produce very low yields and very rich juices, very important for obtaining wines of excellent quality!!!

Tres Uves '16; Vigiriega+Vermentino+Viogner = explosion of fruity aromas, spices and minerals, full body, rich, structured, enveloping and very fresh, with a decidedly long and persistent finish!!! 31,90€
Syrnacha '18; Syrah+Garnacha = rosè with exceptional freshness and minerality!!! 20,90€
Salmonido '18; Pinot Noir nonconformist and countercurrent like its name and its creator! Vinifying Pinot Noir in Spain is already a strange choice, then if you make it a natural rosé and plant the vineyards between 1280-1370 meters, then it is a counter-current wine!! Here is a splendid and unique masterpiece that leaves you dumbfounded for its elegance and freshness and then makes you fall head over heels in love!!! 26,90€
Ring! Ring! '18; Riesling+soil+hill+grape blend perfectly for a wine with an incredible minerality, enhanced by the classic hints of hydrocarbons and white-fleshed fruits. 26,90€
El Pino Rojo '17; Pinot Noir with spectacular perfumes, great drinkability and a slightly spicy aftertaste that invites the sip. 26,90€

Wine Symphony natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

Realizzazione siti web www.sitoper.it
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