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Terre di Pietra wines

12-10-2019 14:28 - Review
Terre di Pietra

With immense pleasure and love that we welcome back on our website the Terre di Pietra wines, the real, sincere and natural Valpolicella just as we like it!!!
Only 3 hectares for this small winery where almost all the manor are carried out with a deep respect for the earth, for the environment and for the vineyards that work: many hours spent in the vineyard, an environment that must remain healthy above all and managed in an ethical way in making farmers both of the future, but with the good sense of the past.
All the wines are direct, sincere and old-fashioned even if the new labels (we offer you ElleZero and Piccola Peste) suggest a new direction towards wines of extreme drinkability and immediacy, naturally without neglecting the historical traditions of the territory!


Ellezero '18 - incredible sapidity that continually invites you to drink and a very long finish with a toasted almond flavor that makes it unforgettable! 19,90€
Piccola Peste '18 - red with exceptional freshness!!! 15,50€
Vigna del Peste '15 - wrapping, with an excellent body and perfectly balanced; 21,90€
Mesal '13 - soft and velvety but at the same time alive and direct with a juicy drink and a well-present tannin; 27,90€
Rosson '12 - a true Amarone, as it was, how it is and how it will be in 100 years!!! 64,90€

Terre di Pietra only on our website Wine Symphony - natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!

Realizzazione siti web www.sitoper.it
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