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Momento Mori wines by Dane Johns

11-10-2020 10:36 - Review
by Dane Johns

Momento Mori was born from the desire to make wines that respect life in the first place. In Latin, "Momento Mori" is the theory and practice of reflection on mortality, especially as a means to consider the value of life.

Dane Johns began his career in the wine industry working with Bill Downie in Victoria and later started his own label using grapes from a few organic growers in his region. At the beginning mainly with Italian varieties such as Fiano, Moscato Giallo and Vermentino that are exalted in this climate. Now he lives and works on a beautiful property with its Pinot Noir and Riesling vineyards, as well as a vegetable garden where his wife Hannah grows products for the family in a truly spectacular location!
All Dane wines are vinified and aged in small containers, the fermentations are strictly spontaneous, very old barrels are used and no mechanical pump, moreover no clarification, filtration and additions of any type are carried out at any stage of vinification or bottling. His philosophy is simple: "I'm just trying to make wines as pure and clean as I can, without adding anything. This includes sulfur. I like the limitations of not using sulphites...I guess it's like growing organically; you immediately ensures that you can only do things gently and in small batches."
Momento Mori wines are full of character, freshness and purity and above all they are very lively!!!

Fistful of Flowers '19 - Moscato Giallo and Vermentino on relax on the skins for three weeks; masterpiece of delicate aromaticity and super drinkability! € 34.90
Bianco '18 - 40% of Fiano maceration on the skins for almost two months; 40% of Greco maceration on the skins for almost nine months; 20% of Fiano and Chardonnay are co-fermented with maceration on the skins for about two months. Balanced Orange Wine, not overly fruity, structured and energetic, but in no way heavy. Its spectacular dose of acidity and flavor makes it super vibrant! € 44.90
Cardinia Ranges '19 - Pinot Noir in rosé dress; unfortunately here is the last vintage that will be produced of this splendid wine! A rosé not fruity at all, but sapid and mineral, thanks to the granite soils from which it is cultivated and which give the wine an intense electrical and energy nature. Even more than ever a splendid interpretation of the splendid blend of terroir and grape variety!!! € 44.90
Etcetera Etcetera '18 - was stored deep in the cellar for a couple of years and put on the market at the time deemed most appropriate. It's the result of a fantastic continuous fermentation and started immediately after the 2018 harvest. 50% is composed of Pinot Noir and Syrah to which the best bunches of the varieties harvested later were added in small quantities to the ferment to keep it in function while harvesting. Over 14 different varieties have ended up in this wine, too many to list but about 50% red and the other 50% white. Sapid, fresh, energetic and very complex. Drink it fresh! Super Dane !!! € 39.90
Give up the Gost '18 - Greco on relax on the skins for about 6 months; a wine full of sensations, taut and with delicate tannins that feel completely clean and pure down to the last drop. Very good interpretation! € 44.90
Reserve Red '17 - the cuvée is called "Reserve Red" because it's probably the furthest possible from a typical Australian "Reserve Red" (intentionally, of course). However it's a very high quality wine and although it's definitely Pinot Noir, it's also edgy and somehow unique. It's elegant yet complex, pure and earthy at the same time and has a very ethereal nature. € 43.90

Wine Symphony wine shop of natural wines from small vigneron with a big heart!!!

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