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11-02-2021 19:15 - Review
Mountain wines

Yes...you can't live just of pet nat! Here are the splendid and juicy zero-bubble cuvées (but we still kept a couple of them;) ) by the legendary Matteo Furlani. Wines that are madly refreshing but also madly territorial, made mostly with ancient native vines coming in some cases from old vines more than fifty years old.
Low alcohol content, freshness, minerality and therefore...super glou glou!

Rosso20 - Pavana della Valsugana, Negrara, Marzemino, Teroldego, Lagrein all coming from a single old parcel of almost 60 years and co-fermented and macerated together. A bright and clear red, the culmination of Matteo Furlani's ten-year research to make a wine in the mountains of Trentino capable of rivaling those of the Jura hills. € 14.90
Mino - Marzemino mainly, but also other autochthonous white berried grapes all together on relax on the skins for 5 days; super fresh and super juicy. € 13.90
Negrik - Negrara on relax on the skins for 5 days; lively, crunchy, fresh and inexcusably delicious. € 13.90
Tiroldec - Teroldego aged in old wooden barrels; great territorial expression based on red fruits and flowers, but also delicately spicy and tannic. € 14.90
Moni - Moscato Giallo, Nosiola and Verde Erbara on relax on the skins for about 5 days; alpine, with notes of herbs, citrus and wild flowers. € 14.90
Alpino Bianco - Nosiola, Muller Thurgau, Pinot Blanc; delicately aromatic, highly drinkable! € 13.90
Sur Lie Alpino - White Lagarino, Green Erbara, Nosiola; the most refreshing Pet Nat of the world! € 13.90
Sur Lie Alpino Rosé - Pinot Noir; a Pet Nat with a thousand mineral shades and Alpine freshness! € 14.90
Spumante Brut20 - Chardonnay, Pinot Nero; referments and aged in bottle on its own lees for 18 months, after a manual remuage on wooden pupitre. Sapid, delicately fruity and floral and as always super refreshing; € 17.90

Wine Symphony wine shop of natural wines from small vigneron with a big heart.

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