28 Settembre 2021
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03-04-2021 12:19 - Review

The new cuvées of the friends of Il Vinco!
There is nothing to do, when the terroir of the splendid Tuscia takes the field it's always a guaranteed spectacle for the taste buds of every natural wine lover!
Daniele, Nicola, Marco...dajeeeeee!!!!

Solounanotte '20 - the dream of a night of the legendary friends of Il Vinco come true! Splendid Canaiolo in rosè dress!!! € 15.90
Biancoperso '20 - Procanico, Rossetto and Malvasia Bianco Lunga on relax on the skins for about 5 days in the version that made many of us fall in love! € 14.90
Mistione '20 - it's a rosé...a red disguised as a white...or perhaps a super glou glou red...for sure a GREAT WINE!!! € 14.90
Rosso delle Macchie '20 - here is the new vintage of the house jewel! Canaiolo Nero from old ungrafted vines in Marta, south of Lake Bolsena, directly from a single vineyard of only 1 hectare, with yields of 15 ql / ha. A direct and essential wine, purely territorial and which is enhanced by its drinkability, freshness and, from this vineyard in particular, its capacity for evolution and depth. € 26.90
Canajò '19 - just for Canaiolo lovers! € 14.90
Le Capannacce '19 - Sangiovese according to the guys from Il Vinco! € 16.90

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