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18-05-2021 11:42 - Review

We are delighted to present the superb range of wines by Jean Yves Péron, one of the most talented Savoyard winemakers! After studying with Thierry Allemand and Bruno Schueller in particular, he decides to settle in his native lands. On just two hectares of its magnificent shale terroirs, Jean Yves and his team grow vines without chemical inputs, favoring manual work and the use of natural fertilizers. On these steep slopes located between 400 and 600 m above sea level, Mondeuse, Jacquère, Persan, Altesse and Bergeron flourish. In the cellar, Jean Yves' work aims to be non-interventionist, avoiding temperature controls, filtration, clarification and the addition of sulphites. The wines are absolutely magnificent and all have a strong personality and territoriality. Bottles you'll not forget easily!

La Petit Robe Blanc '18 - Jacquére carbonic maceration for two weeks; a vibrant portrait of this splendid vine; € 28.90
Champ Levat '18 - Mondeuse carbonic maceration for two months; red, pure fluid romance € 38.90;
Cotillon des Dames Blanc '18 - Jacquére on relax on the skins for six weeks; Orange Wine with an elegant complexity € 42.90;
La Bottière Blanc '18 - Jacquére with harvest carried out at the end of October waiting for the perfect ripeness of the grapes that remain on relax on the skins for three months; Orange Wine full of minerality and fruity notes € 44.90;
La Grande Journée '18 - Altesse on relax on the skins for about 75 days; Orange Wine "multifaceted"...magnifique! € 61.90
La Tour Sarazine Blanc '18 - Muscat à petits grains on relax on the skins for two months; Orange Wine tropic thunder! € 49.90
Les Barrieux '17 - Jacquére, Roussanne, Altesse in percentages that vary according to the vintage as well as the maceration on the skins which can last from five to six months; a rare cuvée because it's exceptional, an unparalleled Orange wine! € 68.90
Vers la Maison Rouge '18 - mainly Mondeuse with short carbonic maceration and a pinch of Gamay; red for people thirsty for minerality! € 36.90

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