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Società agricola Il Moralizzatore
Il Moralizzatore
Il Moralizzatore was born in 2010 on the hills of Vicenza, from the passion for the wine of Andrea Dalla Grana and Enrico Frisone, friends shared by the desire to produce natural wines of great quality, true expression of the territory and nature. The small wine-growing company comes alive with the rental of 3 hectares of vineyards, partly in Mason Vicentino, cultivated in cabernet sauvignon and in Faro Vicentino where they are cultivated merlot, pinot nero and native grapes, such as vespaiola and groppello. Vineyard work is hard and rigorously manual and involves the use of biological methods with the only use of copper and sulfur. In the basement, they follow the whole philosophy of the natural, by selecting and manually removing the bunches, with spontaneous fermentations and refinements in wood used, so as not to weigh the raw material.

Here is the splendid adventure of Giacomo and Marina, husband and wife and creators of this beautiful project! The recovery of the vineyards and the planting of new ones in the area of ​​Baggio, precisely in the Val di Buri on the Pistoia hills. From here the dream of producing natural wine starts, with the utmost respect for the environment and for human beings as a final consumer.
Moreover, thanks to the friendship and experience gained during all these years spent in the "oenological" world, Giacomo was able to obtain the assignment and management of important vineyards located in the Chianti Classico area (Castelnuovo Berardenga), excellent for the production of rosé and red, mostly composed of Sangiovese and Canaiolo.
All the processes in the vineyard and in the cellar are carried out manually and the wines are obtained through spontaneous vinification with indigenous yeasts, no use of sulfur dioxide, and no filtration or clarification before bottling.
We therefore present the first vintage of the three wines of Val di Buri, wines of maximum genuineness, freshness and of an unique immediacy!!!

La Villana was born in 2016, three years after Joy Kull leaves her job in New York and comes to Italy to learn about vineyard farming. She settles in the hills of Gradoli, on Lake Bolsena, where the land, rich in volcanic minerals and Etruscan history, calls her to stay. Her first experience in the field led her to work at Le Coste di Gradoli and then set up on her own after a few years.
Now the company has 10ha, of which about 3ha will be planted with native vines in the coming years. In addition, it has about two hectares of old vines recovered from abandonment and scattered in the Gradoli countryside. The vines are cultivated using biodynamic methods, respecting the rhythms of nature. In the cellar, you work the grapes...and that's it, with no additives of any kind. The wines reflect the earth, the terroir, and the winemaker.
This is the coming new reality and that we like so much!!!

In the Oltrepò Pavese, precisely in Montecalvo Versiggia here is the Belvedere Estate, reborn by the young and promising winemaker Gianluca Cabrini.
The vineyards cover an area of ​​about 10 hectares on the hills surrounding Montecalvo, where the climate mitigated by the maritime currents from the Ligurian Sea and the soil based on clays and limestones of perfectly draining marine origin make this area perfect for the production of Pinot Noir.
Tenuta Belvedere labels are produced without the absolute use of synthetic chemicals, fully embracing a production philosophy that is faithful to Mother Nature, considered by Gianluca as a majority shareholder of its reality: viticulture has the least impact environmental, with organic fertilizations carried out only if necessary before the winter months, spontaneous grassing between the rows and treatments reduced to the single use of copper and sulfur. The integrity of the bunches is safeguarded and controlled since the harvest, rigorously carried out by hand in small boxes and subjected to strict integrity checks once in the cellar: even the use of sulphites is reduced to the minimum necessary to maintain healthy grapes which, through indigenous yeasts will be vinified to represent the Oltrepò tradition combined with the artisan innovation of this promising winemaker.

We are in Montepetrolo, south of Lake Trasimeno. The Tiberi farm was born at the beginning of the 20th century and still today sees three generations involved, Cesare Tiberi, his son Piero and his nephew Federico. There are only 3 ha on hills of 350 m asl, with 50-year-old vines (and in the case of the Granella grape, also called Pecorina, a 150-year-old plant) and skeleton-rich soils. Four generations took turns in working the vines and even today those methods of managing and processing the grapes in the cellar have remained unchanged as they did then. This has allowed us to pass on not only a respect for the land, but above all the varieties that the land has contributed to enhance: Gamay del Perugino, Canaiolo, Grechetto, San Colombana, Moscato, Malvasia, Trebbiano, Ciliegiolo and Pecorina grapes. In the cellar the gestures of the past have remained. Spontaneous fermentation, maceration on the skins to pass all the identity of a vintage and a territory to the must, management of the hat of pomace with daily breaking, light pressing with a manual press and racking following the phases of the moon. While the world of wine has accelerated, here the rhythms and the sense of gestures has remained the same.

Colli Berici Yeasteria Sieman
Yeasteria is distinguished by the desire to explain the curious palates and receptive souls fermentation, biodynamic and organic farming wine using a culturally, fun, responsible and contemporary approach. Strong supporters of the artisan fermentation, have dedicated themselves to the creation of unique wines of their kind but still relate to the Venetian wine tradition.

SETE is an agricultural, social and cultural project born in 2013 with the aim of saving the few vineyards left in the Amaseno river valley, precisely in the territory of the municipalities of Priverno, Roccagorga, Maenza and Sonnino. To valorise the native vines recovering and vinifying separately the grapes of each single vineyard particle. The land is cultivated in harmony with nature without the use of chemicals and herbicides. In fact, SETE wines are naturally fermented grape juices with indigenous yeasts, without the use of chemical products either in the vineyard or in the cellar and without added sulphites. In the vineyard, Bordeaux mixture and wettable sulfur, when the season requires it, no other invasive intervention. The processing in the vineyard is all manual. In the cellar, the musts naturally decant and ferment on the indigenous yeasts. They are decanted a couple of times and do not receive any addition of sulfur dioxide, at any stage. All wines are neither clarified nor filtered and are made exclusively with grapes grown without using any chemicals. SETE, nothing to add!

One of the most historic and romantic cellars of Monforte d'Alba, this is the winery of Ferdinando Principiano in the heart of the Langhe. Started by Ferdinando's grandfather and then managed by his father in 1993, Ferdinando took over the reins of the company and after several experiences in 2003 the real turning point took place! Ferdinando understands that he has a strong and indissoluble bond with his land, his vines and his wines and he focuses on the tradition and the genuineness of the wines he produces; bans any form of chemical substance from the vineyard and the winery, presses the grapes with the feet, uses only indigenous yeasts for vinification to obtain a wine that is an authentic expression of the territory. Numerous his versions of Barolo in the different Crus and the splendid interpretations of the other vines of the Langhe. The wines of Ferdinando Principiano are just like him, true, sincere and respectful of the terroir!

The company was born from the desire to succeed in producing a large Syrah through the family tradition of farming, passion, knowledge of the world of wine and the practice of biodynamics.
To achieve this goal, a closed area of ​​Cortona has been identified (il CHIUSO is the most qualitative horticultural system for Cortona viticulture) named POGGIOBELLO di Farneta and inside it, as were a Cru, two well-exposed hills south, South-west, enclosed between an old western road, a south grove and the ridge of the hills to the east to close the horizon. The company covers a total area of ​​approximately 14 hectares, of which 8.5 were destined to the vineyard.
From the 7,000 vines that compose every hectare, are got about 40 quintals of grapes, for a production plant that does not exceed 600 grams. The management of the vineyard follows the dictates of natural viticulture and biodynamic agriculture: ground pruning and machining are scanned by lunar and planetary phases; Phytosanitary defense is entrusted to copper and sulfur only in small quantities thanks to the use of macerates and natural herbs; Biodynamic preparations allow you to nourish the earth and avoid any fertilization and winter overcoats to structure the soil during the cold season. All this in order to bring healthy cluster to maturation and to allow for vinification with the total absence of remedies and chemicals.

Syrah 2016 - 24,50€
Syrah Rosa 2018 - 13,90€
Only 3 hectares for this small company where almost all the manor are carried out with a deep respect for the earth, for the environment and for the vineyards that work: many hours spent in the vineyard, an environment that must remain healthy above all and managed in an ethical way in making farmers both of the future, but with the good sense of the past. The vines are divided into two bodies, one in Torbe di Negrar, 500 meters above sea level, the other in Marcellise, on the hills of eastern Verona, where the cellar is also located. Some of these are even 40 years old, the old ones are pergola, the young are Guyot, surrounded by patches of forest and 300 olive trees.
All the wines are direct, sincere and old-fashioned even if the new labels (the ElleZero and Piccola Peste) suggest a new direction towards wines with extreme drinkability and immediacy, naturally without neglecting the historical traditions of the territory!

Rosson 2010 Amarone Valpolicella 69,90€;
Vigna del Peste 2015 21,90€;
Mesal 2013 27,90€;
Located in Roccalini village, in the town of Barbaresco we find the company of Paolo Veglio, who starting from 2004 to produce wines and bottling on his own. Vintage after vintage, Paolo's style went well by de fi ning and marrying the philosophy that led him to minimize interventions in the vineyard and in the cellar. Only spontaneous vinification, indigenous yeasts, aging in large casks and to reuse for the Barbaresco wines with the ancient technique of submerged cap. 10000 bottles of wine produced each year and where the label of Barbaresco is the queen, but all linked to class, finesse, depth, minerality and great expression of the terroir!

"Paolo Zanini likes to repeat that the balance and harmony of wine and vineyard are dictated by the passage of time: for this reason, despite his strong passion and young age, he has learned to wait long even if necessary"

Paul is a winegrower who respects the times of the vineyard and the wines. He´s a custodian of his products, following his refinement but allowing them to decide on the right time to be offered on the market.
The vineyards are made up of seven small plots for just over 3 hectares of Teroldego: the family vineyard is 40 years old, but there are no pergolas that touch the age of one hundred. The vineyards are at first sight disordered and primitive: the generous vigor of the variety are vented. The plants are healthy, balanced, and the yields naturally reduced. So you get the fruits with the ideal qualities to produce character, concentrate and longevity wines.

Dannato 2011 - Teroldego Rotaliano DOC 17,25€;
Beatome 2009 - Teroldego IGT vigneti delle Dolomiti 31,50€.
After several years of work, Benedetta Tronci and her husband, Michele Guarino, were able to convert their farm to biodynamic farming. Michele, proud of this passage, wants to emphasize it as a fundamental moment, and tells with enthusiasm talking about the fundamental relationship between earth and plant, in order to create a balanced production of grapes that naturally turns into wine .

The company vineyards are divided into three main parts that give origin to many cru companies. They are placed in a unique natural amphitheater, well illuminated and ventilated. The soils are mostly limestone-clayey with sandy sandstone. Workings are minimized to the minimum necessary to not compact the soil, promoting a radical vigor that fortifies the plant and makes it less vulnerable.

Vermignon 2017 - IGT Toscana bianco 15,50€;
Casa e Chiesa 2016 - Merlot DOC Colline Lucchesi 11,90€;
Poggio de Paoli 2016 - IGT Toscana rosso 17,50€.
Villa Job is the creature of Alessandro Job, a Tuscan young man with so much enthusiasm and desire to experience, pursuing his true vocation for winemakers.
The vineyards have been biologically certified since 1985, uses biodynamic practices and intervenes very little on the ground because they want nature to find its balance alone.
For this he keeps the tall grass in the underfloor, does not deflate and does not trim the clusters, treating his vineyard with respect. In the cellar loves to experience: each wine contains a piece of wood, a cement
and one of steel assembled with the aim of obtaining sinuous and elegant wines.

Pinot Grigio 2015 IGT VG 16,90€;
Sauvignon 2016 IGT VG 16,90€;
Serious White 2015 IGT VG 16,50€
Born of a great friendship between Nicola, Marco and Daniele, Vinco was born in 2014 in Montefiascone in the wonderful area around Lake Bolsena. The intent of the three talented winemakers is to preserve some native vines, including the black Canaiolo, a vine linked to the history and characteristics of these places. Thanks to the arrangement of the vineyards located around the lake that guarantees a particular microclimate and the morphology of the volcanic soil, the results were immediately of great quality! Besides the Canaiolo, Procanico, Malvasia and Rossetto are cultivated according to the dictates of healthy and environmentally friendly agriculture, respecting the matter and the times of nature. In the cellar the works are carried out in the least possible intervention, with spontaneous fermentation without temperature control in cement vats, refining in cement tanks and no clarification or filtration during the bottling phase. Three wines produced and all characterized by an extraordinary drinkability and a unique territoriality!

The farm Il Roccolo di Monticelli is a small company in the province of Verona, born from the desire to recover an old family vineyard to obtain a genuine wine with a strong territorial imprint.
At the end of her studies in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies at the University of Padua, the talented Silvia was able to devote herself full time to the management of the vineyard, working in first person and following an agriculture that was as respectful and conservative as possible, to produce genuine wines completely tied to the land on which the vineyards grow.
The working methods include the least possible number of invasive interventions, the absence of additives and manipulations, leaving the nature free to express themselves. The monitoring is constant both in the vineyard and in the cellar, to obtain the natural development of grapes and wine, to have in the products all the best that the territory can offer.
In fact, as Silvia says: "thanks to the constant attention to the vineyard and its fruits you can get healthy grapes, since only a healthy wine can be born from healthy grapes!"

Edoardo Ventimiglia and Carla Benini came to this corner of Maremma in 1990 and decided to start a wine project called Sassotondo.
A research was started on the ground, discovering a volcanic matrix with infinite nuances.
The company started zoning its own soils in order to further valorize the specificity of the relationship between plant and soil.
Today, the company is a point of reference for those looking for local wines, obtained from sensitive and sustainable viticulture.

San Lorenzo Ciliegiolo Maremma Toscana doc 2013 36,50€;
Numero sei Bianco Toscana 2015 41€.
Podere Cipolla
Podere Cipolla Denny Bini
Without losing sight of its origins and values, working with modesty, passion, will and expertise, today Denny Bini has become a real point of reference for this true territory, as well as an example of virtuous winemaker.
The green countryside that houses the vineyards is located a few kilometers from Reggio Emilia, where the soils are composed of silt and clay on the surface, and gravel and sand on the first subsoil. Here the passage of several streams favors excellent microclimatic conditions. The vineyard is bred with spurred cordon, short pruning in an attempt to get low yields. Agronomic production is careful and not interventionist.


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