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The farm "il Censo" carries out its activity in Sicily on the Sicani mountains at about 650 meters above sea level at Palazzo Adriano (the site of the wonderful film Cinema Paradiso) on the right side of the river valley Magazzolo. The company was "refounded" in 2004 by Gaetano Gargano and his wife Nicoletta on the extended family lands around 73 hectares where cereals were alternated with forage crops and where herds and herds grazed. The company redevelopment and renovation project stems from the couple's desire to restore "agricultural life" to a pristine and biodiverse area to preserve the natural environment and defend and protect the territory.
But it was the meeting with Giampiero Bea about 25 years ago to determine and well outline the start of this splendid project. Gaetano fell in love with the work that the Bea family was doing in Montefalco and it was decided to reinvigorate the agricultural activity at Il Censo where with Giampiero's guidance, he began planting 5 hectares of vineyards divided between the white Cataratto grape, the black variety Perricone and Nero d'Avola.
The entire farm is managed in an organic way and the vinification is carried out according to the principles developed by Giampiero Bea. This is how fantastic natural wines with an indissoluble bond with their territory are born!

We are in Friuli, precisely in the locality of Borc Dodon, better known as Borgo Dodone where the Denis Montanar winery stands. A fantastic purely family-based reality that has now reached the fourth generation, also devoted to the life of the fields, cultivating soy, spelled, wheat and grape plants, adopting an eco-sustainable approach with great respect for the environment and the territory.
Denis began his activity in 1989, inaugurating the first company production. From vintage to vintage, success grows and within a few years Denis manages to expand his company to reach 10.5 hectares of vineyards. In 1995, the Denis Montanar reality and the Borc Dodon project was officially born, which quickly conquered everyone for the authenticity and spontaneity of its wines, thus carving out a place among the greatest artisans of the Friulian wine scene!
The mainly cultivated vines are autochthonous, such as Friulano, Refosco and Verduzzo, but also Sauvignon, Cabernet and Merlot with plants over 40 years old. The soil is sandy, composed of a mixture of silt and clay, which gives the wine a typical fresh and mineral note.
As we like it, in the vineyard any treatment with chemical compounds or synthetic substances is banned. Even in the cellar the modus operandi is the same, the vinification takes place spontaneously by indigenous yeasts with more or less prolonged maceration. Before bottling, no invasive operations such as filtration or clarification are carried out.
Thus are born wines characterized by a highly territorial profile, of great spontaneity and character. These are artisan expressions, with a wild and rich timbre that breathe the territory from which they are born!

The small artisan winery run by Matteo Furlani is located in Vigolo Vattaro, in the province of Trento.
The six hectares of vineyards are cultivated with native vines such as Nosiola, but also with international vines such as Pinot Noir. The vineyards are located on calcareous soils and are cultivated according to the principles of biodynamics, herbicide rejection, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In the cellar only spontaneous fermentations with indigenous yeasts and for decantations the lunar cycles are followed. There are numerous labels produced, but these are the Pet Nat Sur Lie that make us crazy! Fresh, minerals and with an exciting drinkability!!!

Davide Gentile and Marco Giuliani has always been friends, decided to abandon their commitments no later than ten years ago, and without experience in making wine but with a good experience in drinking it, they recover as a base the garage of an old grandma's farm to Villa Celiera 700 m on the hills of Pescara, a bit of equipment for making wine and land. Thus Lammidia was born (in Abruzzo dialect, envy or evil eye)!!!
The two friends have the simplest idea of ​​wine that exists: grapes and that's it! No chemical in the vineyard and absolutely nothing in the cellar, no filtration, no clarification, no sulfur. And the imprint of the hand that stands out on the bottles, today the most identifying image of the company, is to represent precisely that: wines made by men, getting their hands dirty in the vineyard and without technological aid.
In almost a decade, in front of our eyes and in our glasses have put more than sixty wines, a whirlwind of interpretations, names and colors, the result of trials, experiments, incursions and curiosities. Their experience runs, their wines come down, so little alcohol but real, live and direct, fresh and electric accompanied by volatile acidity that make them stingy and slender. They do not want to be precise and embellished wines, but wines to drink all in one sip, joyous and funky, without thoughts. In the cellar, fermentation and refinement containers as neutral as possible, such as steel, cement, amphorae, and fiberglass (but not wood) make wines direct, lush and vital.

Near our house, in the municipality of Montelupo Fiorentino, here is one of the most historic wineries in our area! Fattoria Sammontana acquired in 1870 by the Dzieduszycki family, has now reached the fourth generation, manages the farm with biological and biodynamic criteria, with the intent to fully preserve the traditions and enological secrets of this land.
The vineyards are located at an altitude between 70 and 150 meters above sea level. and reside on a "skeletal" or full of pebbles ground, which varies from gravel to pebbles and which is normally defined as "ungrateful", but in reality is what gives character and personality to their wines!
Even in the cellar the same rules of the vineyard apply, therefore spontaneous fermentations and no additives to modify the characteristics of the wine.
Thus wines are born that manage to maintain their personality and peculiarity over time, typical of the "terroir", which differs, for pedological and environmental characteristics, from many of the surrounding areas and from the majority of the other areas of the Chianti.

Born from the passion for wine of a group of friends, the Cantina Giardino has become a reality in a project to enhance the native vines of Irpinia. All territorial wines obtained from vines of high age, some even over 70 years!
Behind the work and excellence of Cantina Giardino lies the idea of ​​being able to safeguard the old plants and the ancient oenological traditions, considered as an inestimable heritage. All the vineyards are grown organically, respecting the environmental balance and biodiversity. This link with the environment and the Irpinia territory can also be found in the cellar, where no clarifications or filtrations are ever made.
The wines of Cantina Giardino are unique expressions rich in personality, the result of careful selection in the vineyard and careful work in the cellar. Vivacity, link with the territory and traditions and the desire to experiment are the principles from which they are born. Something unique is also the bottle labels of Cantina Giardino, the result of collaboration with artists and friends. But the great character of the wines of Cantina Giardino stems above all from an unshakable loyalty to the Irpino territory and its great potential.

In Latera, a village a few kilometers from Gradoli, here is Cantina Ortaccio, founded in 2015 by Massimo Antonuzi and Patrizia Montanari, who have chosen to change their life and start the new one in this semi-remote area, to make wine. The vineyards are planted both in Gradoli and in Latera, some of these are on a frank foot and more than seventy years old! In addition, thanks to the volcanic territory and between 400 and 550 m, they allow to have grapes full of minerals and that exactly reflect the terroir. In fact the vines are those typical of the area, namely Trebbiano, Procanico, Malvasia, Sangiovese, Greghetto and Ciliegiolo. Some of these divided into small particles scattered throughout the territory that the local elders have no longer worked and therefore now recovered by Massimo and Patrizia. In the Cellar the grapes are de-stemmed by hand and crushed with the feet in the vats and fermented in fiberglass containers with only indigenous yeasts and without the addition of sulfur dioxide. The maturation is done in regenerated oak barriques, for a minimum of 12 months in the traditional cellar dug directly into the tufa, which guarantees humidity and a constant temperature of 12 °. After maturing, the wine is finished to refine for about 3 months in the bottle. And so, another small enological gem of our beautiful Italy!!!

We are in Alcamo in the Fustuchera district where Sergio and Luigi Stalteri, two cousins, with the technical support of Alessandro Viola, lead this young company. We are 350 meters above sea level near the "Bosco d'Alcamo" Nature Reserve in the middle of Mediterranean flora, overlooking the valley of the River Freddo. Here the company produces the three labels based on Catarratto, Nerello Cappuccio, Nerello Mascalese and Syrah for a total of 8,000 bottles. Craft vinification, very low use of sulphurous and maniacal management of the macerations that give us wines of extraordinary elegance and workmanship.

The new that advances, always in the style that we like… natural wines and products that respect the environment and without the help of chemical additives or synthetic substances! Here is Trish Nelson directly from Sidney, who is starting to make his wine on the hills near Bolsena, north-east bank of the lake. Before arriving here, Trish worked in various wineries: Cantina Giardino, Le Coste and from 2015 Ajola (not bad as a business card...!). In 2017 she made the first harvest of the new project and we propose two labels produced by her, both blends of native vines typical of the terroir and processed with different timing of maceration on the skins. This is how the first Gazzetta wines are born, which is also the name of the place where the vineyards are located. Small and rare Orange pearls...!

Orsi Vigneto San Vito
Vigneto San Vito Orsi
Born in 2005 by the passion of Federico Orsi and Carola Pallavicino, Vigneto San Vito is based on the idea of ​​producing wine in a natural way, closely following the principles of biodynamics. Federico and Carola believe that only through the use of agricultural practices that respect and respect natural balances can maximize the identity of the territory. We are in Oliveto, the heart of the Colli Bolognesi. About 15 hectares of vineyards alternate with rows and plots with oriented gardens, fruit trees, sea rows and expanses of ancient grain crops. Each element is a protagonist and an integral part of the general balance of the natural forces, which regulates every action and is considered in the conduct of all agricultural practices. The wines carry spontaneous fermentations and no clarifications or filtrations are made; from here are born unique wines and with a strong territorial stamp.

The Tenuta Grillo winery is located in Monferrato a few kilometers from Mombaruzzo. The vineyards are located on a gentle plateau about 350 meters above sea level. with sandy and silty soil. The production is carried out with the utmost respect for the environment and for the rhythms of nature that each year requires; herbicides or other chemical products are not used either in the vineyard or in the cellar. The wines are born of long macerations and with the only use of indigenous yeasts, reflecting their different vintage per vintage characteristics. Wines of author born from the passion and love for this fantastic territory!

Il Tufiello is a historical company of the Alta Irpinia, biological since 1990 and among the first realities of the South that has invested to bring back to production its historical wine-producing potential.
At present 2.5 hectares are planted exclusively with the Fiano vine cultivated in high hills 700-800 mt. Also in this case the wines are the result of long maceration and respect all the tenets of natural viticulture; The result is exalting and bewitching wines that reflect the personal touch of the winemaker and the territory in which they are produced.

Tenuta Grillo and Tufiello, both beautiful realities managed directly by the property formed by Igiea, Michele and Guido Zampaglione, winemakers first of all!

Macchion dei Lupi is located in Suvereto, a splendid medieval village in the High Maremma, along the coast of the Etruscans, just a few steps from the sea and the famous beach of Baratti.
The coastal breezes, the warm sun and the intense light of this beautiful area feed the olive trees and vineyards. The farm lands are located in a hilly area strongly dedicated to viticulture and quality olive cultivation. They chose to grow vines and olive trees in accordance with the biodynamic philosophy that has been conceived and managed
from the countryside which simply translates into the most natural possible form of agriculture and in a product of great quality which is a true expression of the earth from which it lives.

Esperienze 2014 IGT Toscana 22,30€;
Profeta 2013 Merlot Toscana 25,50€;
Odyssea 2017 Ansonica Costa Toscana 15,90€
The "Bioweingut Lieselehof" farm is situated in a very quiet area, surrounded by vineyards and beautiful views.
The Morandell family managed directly with the production of their wines, which tell in secret their origin and their aroma and in their taste they discover the proud roots of South Tyrol. They represent the most noble incarnation of nature, whose respect for the Lieselehof company is the basis of all daily actions.
The vineyards are well situated; Due to the hot south wind "Ora" are found in a Mediterranean climate with more than 2000 hours of sunshine per year. The annual average temperature on the estate is 11.0 ° C and is ideal for white vines, as well as 12.5 ° C on cultivated land with red vines. The average annual precipitation is 800 mm.
The company has now become one of the highest quality wines producers. The pioneer, Werner Morandell, is known to have had the courage to cultivate vines resistant to large-scale fungal diseases, in order to create pure, natural wines without the use of chemical products.

The farm is located in the center of Italy, in the northwest of Tuscany, more precisely in the countryside encircled between the Apuan Alps, the Appennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea just 5 km from the walls of the city of Lucca.
The vineyards are leaving the right amount of gems per plant. After sprouting they carefully choose the best sprouts then handle the foliage trying to leave the right number of leaves for clusters.
Prevention used to protect plants from fungal diseases, consists in having a dry microclimate in the hair and using copper and sulfur. In case of intense pressure of the disease, natural products such as propolis, and valerian infusions and nettles are used. In late spring and early summer a biodynamic preparation is given that helps to bring light to the vineyards. When the grapes are ripe they are harvested by hand and brought to the cellar in small box. All these techniques allow for a great balance between leafy grape and vegetation.

Pet Nat 2018 13,90€.
Immersed in the heart of the enchanting Marche countryside, the Maria Pia Castelli farm stretches for eight hectares of vineyards and land, set on the back of Mount Urano (FM) hillside, 200 meters above sea level. The excellent location permit to enjoy the summer heat, solar radiation and the benefits of the sea.
The soil, clayey, is naturally rich in minerals such as iron and magnesium. This right combination of climatic and geological factors is a key and decisive element for a good maturation of grapes and excellent wine quality.
It offers fine wines produced artisanally, with selected grapes and with the best instruments, in a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. The company was born in 1999 with the passion and hands of the father of Maria Pia, Erasmo Castelli, with the precise objective of producing high quality wines.
The secret of the success of the wines lies in some unique and special aspects of the process of soil cultivation, vineyard care and careful processing of grapes: the maniacal attention to the vineyard begins with a meticulous winter pruning, passes through biodynamic treatments and interventions on the vine and it ends with manual harvesting of the grapes.

Erasmo Castelli 2009 28,50€;
Stella Flora 2012 24,90€.
Fratelli Collavo is born from the desire of three brothers, Massimo, Marco and Mauro to continue the activity started by father Cesare in the 1960s.
The farm covers an area of about 8 hectares, of which 5 are cultivated with vineyards, one hectare of cereals and the rest is a stable meadow and forest.
Defining the working method simply as organic farming seems to us a little less than the spirit with which the activity is conducted. The biological method is for them the starting point from which to develop an approach to the most sustainable cultivation possible, in harmony with the environment surrounding the company´s properties and the plant species that occupy it.
Fratelli Collavo are part of a limited circle of producers who have decided to focus heavily on the ancient fermentation-bottle method (Colfòndo) with which the first Prosecco wine were produced.

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